BY PRACTICING THE EIGHTFOLD YOGA, the devotee first experiences ecstasy for a short time; by deeper practice he is able to remain divinely entranced for longer periods. The ecstatic state of perception of God without perception of the universe is called savikalpa samadhi or samprajnata samadhi. It is seldom, if ever, possible for a yogi to remain during his entire lifetime in the bodily inactive state of savikalpa samadhi.

~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda,
6 : 15, God talks with Arjuna,
The Bhagavad Gita

The definition of savikalpa varies by the lineage
So be careful not to interpret one from one book and other from another book

Here Paramhansa Yogananda uses savikalpa as merging into God
Other books call savikalpa as divine experiences where you have talks with Jesus, Krishna, Shankar Bhagwan, different Gurus , dattratayea etc

Eightfold yoga has been used by both Buddhism and Hindus
Newer people love putting their claim to fame also

Patanjali is the person who talked about it in Hinduism
In Buddhism , Buddha

Patanjali predates Buddha

Now in both lineage they claim they go beyond Buddha and Krishna or patanjali

Thus the debate is forever. Vivekananda discusses Buddhism in his books
So does Vishnutirthji Maharaj in Devatma shakti.

How do you resolve it? Go into samadhi yourself

Otherwise having Futile Debate Is Stupid

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