Shiv – Shakti

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16 aspects

  1. Kula
  2. Samarthya
  3. Urmi
  4. Hridaya
  5. Saar
  6. Spanda
  7. Vibhuti
  8. Trisika
  9. Kali
  10. karsini
  11. Chandi
  12. Vani
  13. Bhoga
  14. Drik
  15. Nitya

I listed this as a ready reference for the yogi on the path

No discussion is needed. Or cannot be done.

They are aspects of God.

Today is the beginning of Chaitri navratri The following 9 days are crucial for deep meditation and victory

The first day is Gudi padwo In Kashmir they call it Navreh. It is an important day for a Yogi

The goddess is Durga She has 10 hands and rides a lion. Age killed Mahishasur ( water Buffalo) and was born from the blessings of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

The Sanskrita shlokas for her are Devi mahatmaya – a part of Markandeya purana

You can read it here – [ Mahatmyam.pdf]( Mahatmyam.pdf)

I like the Himalayan chant –

The interpretation can be done both as manifestation of the world and also spirituality

For example – she is hunger Ksudha Hungry for food or is the hunger in a yogi to merge into God. There is a deeper meaning which is being the scope of this discussion

One should , if possible, eat less and meditate more

Most people are required to work. They may not Be able meditate due to work. Exertion causes physical and mental fatigue It us impossible to meditate when tired. It is of low quality. It is one of the challenges of modern life.

Like usual my blogs are short and incomplete. This is by intention. It is to motivate the reader to find a Guru. People want the shortcut. There is no shortcut to purity. It requires hard work, painful work, many humiliation in life, rejections in life, giving up desires, deprivation of many many wishes, a one minded goal to escape, a living Guru etc

The path to purity is thorough countless tears. Till you are finally ready to say No more. I see through the many veils and deceptions of maya. A trickster that gives you happiness of random wishes fulfilled and many squashed.

I only seek those who are ready to have their ego destroyed from them through many many trials and deep meditation. Those who only want to help others and not help themselves ( destroying their ego) have a long journey Those who are happy with fake awakening are worshippers of maya and should go elsewhere. Those satisfied with reading books can go to some Vedic school, national library etc

Reading my blog is of minimum help. Pearls are hidden but the mind that thinks in term of material world cannot see it or benefit from It. Yet , the content can be of much benefit ( compared to the millions of other things on the net)

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