Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

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Vanhi vishasya madhye chitta sukhmayam kshipet.

Kevalam vayu purna va Samarananda yujyate

॥ ६ ८ ॥

One should throw the blissful mind into the fire (manipura chakra) in the middle of that fibre-like lotus stalk (sushumna) or into that which is only full of air (anahata chakra). Then one is united with the remembrance of bliss.

Now this verse has been translated in many ways



Laxman Joo translated it as will and knowledge

Vijay Singh called it contraction and expansion

Now if you look up a Sanskrit dictionary, Vanhi can mean fire

And visha means poison

So what is between poison and fire? Chitta happiness is hidden

How do you get there?

By doing kevali !

Smarananda yujyate – it could mean happiness of sex

That is how laxman Joo and vijay singh translated it

However , to me it refers to being United with higher self

Take your pick!

Laxman Joo or Vijay Singh

Or little unknown me!

Love to hear your comments

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