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[When the breath stops effortlessly, without either rechaka (exhalation) or puraka (inhalation), that is called Kevala Kumbhaka.—Hatha-Yoga Pradipika,11:73.

“The aspirant who can perform Kevali Kumbhaka, he only is the true knower of Yoga.”—Gheranda Samhita, V:95.

One who is adept in Kevala Kumbhaka, which has no rechaka and puraka, he has nothing unattainable in the three worlds.”—Siva Samhita 111:46-47.

In my last blog I mentioned Keval but did not clarify it as kevali pranayam

Someone may wonder what it is.

So this is what I found from what Yogananda web page.

They are authentic quotes from Yogananda

This kevali or Kriya yoga is very slowly learnt. These are the steps

  1. Shakti has to be awakened
  2. Practice Jyoti Mudra
  3. Learn to control Prana and Apana
  4. In time you will learn to control samana, udana and vyana also
  5. When the mind is sufficiently strong, it can control the prana
  6. Eventually, you can stop prana at will
  7. This is samadhi
  8. Much more is to be done after this
  9. There is a much more detailed description elsewhere
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