A fundamental error

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Many people read about Yoga online and read scriptures Of course it is appealing!

Who would not find it wonderful?

  1. We abandon the misery of the world
  2. There is a source of intense joy within us. Why not tap in to it?
  3. Your karma are slowly destroyed
  4. All questions are answered from within
  5. Peace. Finally.
  6. No longer slave to maya

But what next? You read this. You want This. But reading Is not enough to get you there. In fact reading is just a prelude

The next step is to find a Guru. A true Guru does not give lectures or talks to the disciple. He awakens the shakti. Then shakti and the Guru guide you to perfection. It takes time but once that journey has begun, it will continue till you reach perfection. Joy

That is the key step.

After all you may hear – you are the divine atma. But until You can stop all thought process that precious Gem is not unfolded

So sadly listening to talks don’t help. However a talk with a Guru on a personal level is helpful. He can give you clarity and help you resolve the conflicts you have And then if he sees you are ready then he can awaken shakti

For example someone may say – Ramana Maharishi talked about finding the ego or I arises from ! However , what do people do – think and use the mind ! But every thought arises from ego or I ! In other words you are using the ego generated thoughts to find ego. How can supporting the enemy help you get victory over the enemy?

What he was saying was – if you stop all the external clamor of thoughts, you will find where thoughts come from ! They arise from ego. Now you are face to face with the real enemy !

If you can observe very very intensely, ( another way of saying deep meditation) you will find a powerful source of maya – that keeps you thinking and your ego and desires support the maya. Now these things are not abstract. They are a true physical entity – a very tangible source People make the error of thinking these forces such as ego are the same as vanity.

Ego is something which insists on saying I am rather that the truth that atma exists and that atma is I This is very subtle. ( Yogananda talked about it ).

  1. Now we realize that we must stop our thoughts
  2. Thoughts come from ego
  3. Ego is a tangible force
  4. Ego supports maya

So what does awakening of shakti do ? It is the only way that you can reverse the process. Remember

  1. If your meditation is deep and real – it gives joy or happiness
  2. Falling asleep and the joy of slumber is not meditation
  3. If you experience nothingness / sunya – that is not nirvana. It may be for Buddhist opinions. In my Opinion , samadhi or nirvana is something which is everything! It is alive, real, full of substance, joy, the source of the entire universe, multiple universes, it is powerful, it is tireless, giver of peace, etc. these qualities are innumerable. Seek that – don’t talk about nothingness

So this is what happens when you begin to reverse. It is a wonderful journey Within

This is what the scriptures said. This is what everyone should do

How can giving a talk give you this inward journey? This is something you must do Meditate. The Guru starts the reverse journey. But the journey is yours

A true Guru does not seek disciples. He may be lucky if he finds one disciple in a life time! His standards are exacting. He tests the disciple. Something so precious is not easily obtained

Someone asked a question – are there lecture series?

For what purpose should I give a lecture? What I Say in blogs and lectures are small trivial things!

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