What is the witness / saakshi bhav

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The witness we have spoken about several times already, only here it is in the mind.

There are witnesses everywhere. It is a capacity of the being to detach itself, to stand back and look at what is happening, as when one looks at something happening in the street or when one looks at others playing and does not himself play, one remain seated, looking at the others moving but does not move. That’s how it is.

In all the parts of the being there is one side which can do this: put itself at the back, remain quiet and look, without participating. This is what is called the witness. One has many witnesses inside oneself, and often one is a witness without even being aware of it. And if you develop this, it always gives you the possibility of being quiet and not being affected by things. One detaches oneself from them, looks at them as at a dramatic scene, without participating in it. This does not change things very much.

Above (This ) is from Mother ( Aurobindo)

This is not anything new. After shakti awakening – witness or Saakshi is a powerful method. However some levels of witness does note require an awakening.

Those levels – often talked about in mindfulness – rather silly – just watching how you eat. Or rather notice. Like watch how you drive. Or how you eat or how the taste buds create taste etc

This is quite flawed. Since the knowledge of the self Is not acquired. It just leads to pain. And depression.

The mind is not comfortable with not having it’s fun. So while observing its body , it wants to become one with the body and enjoy. It will say to itself I love this. I love food. I love sex. I love listening to music. The dry splitting is quite tasteless

The witness attitude that I refer to is something different. It is full of intense joy. Waves upon waves. For that shakti must be awakened. In slow steps it is a joyful journey.

So Even if you start with a witness attitude or Sakshi ( at the level of mind ) like watching your anger, with an awakened shakti it is pleasurable Those secret steps are alluded to elsewhere

In short pick the right way for witness attitude or Sakshi bhav.

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