I see a white light

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Yogananda described the Jyoti mudra. It is a secret mudra that was previously not written in public. In this mudra, light pressure generates a light. This light is not just light from the pressure but also a little light of God.

So, one may , naturally ask the question – is this the final step. Or what is this light?

The answer is – no it is not the final step. What needs to happen, as per Yogananda is as follows

  1. Seeing the spiritual eye. This is a quivering yellow light on the outside, and then a light blue hue in the inner circle and then a star that is white, in the center
  2. One must be able to hold that eye steady for as long as one likes
  3. Penetrate the star and go within.

Now after this is done, if one can stay within as long as one desires, then the journey is over.

These are the steps he described. Naturally, when one initially sees the light, it is just a fraction of a fraction of the fraction of what really needs to happen. Much more needs to be done

Secondly, one should see this light in a pitch dark room

There are many more things (from what I have read), but some other time

The bigger question, though, should be – how do I more forward, what is the next step? That would be the question of purity. A normal person, would like to know what that light is and feel happy about it.

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