Diksha – Types of disciples

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Awakening of Shakti is something rare. Very rare. Everyone believes they have an awakening but the reality maybe different.

The highest awakening is Vedha diksha. It is the highest. This may or may not happen in Kali yug. In this awakening, the disciple only meets Guru once and it is all done. I know I said this is rare and may or may not happen in Kali Yug, but I know of one great Saint who had this. His Bhajan are of extra ordinary caliber and describes the process in great detail.

There are other forms of diksha or awakening. However, Shivohum tirthji maharaj said, that at present no one even qualifies for the lowest form of Diksha. Yet a certain level of awakening is given. This form of awakening leads to liberation in several births.

So what is the kind of disciple that gets the Vedha Diksha? We can go back in history and look at the disciples from the past? Take the example of Harischandra. How much did he endure? Those are the qualities a disciple needs, before the Guru declares himself as a Guru. So the rules for getting an awakening are very stringent. Thats why in Kaliyuga we see a lot of fakes. Hardly anyone hast that kind of dedication. So why would a true Guru even declare himself. People want to publicize themselves and disciples want to be recognized

That is exactly opposite to what Shakti wants. She does not want to be exposed or widely known. She remains hidden and her ways ever so mysterious.

In short a disciple must have extremely high values, someone who returns a bad deed with love and good deeds, not interested in being known and finds that his every breath is a failure since he does not have God. He recognizes his Guru and will sacrifice his life for his Guru

A mediocre disciple, is interested but lacks the drive, but has high values, and has the right interest but unable to commit to meditation all day.

Right now. even this is lacking. What can be said of the misfortune of people in general during Kali yug.

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