The Will Smith issue

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Now this blog is not specifically about Will Smith however, it is sometimes easier to relate to others.

Recently Will Smith had an emotional outburst at the Academy award and slapped Chris Rock. Granted that the joke was tasteless nevertheless, I guess thats how show business works. Later he was banned for a few years and inspite of his apology, he is now emotionally damaged. I am sure he has mixed emotions. Anger, frustrations,regret, and he seeks a solution. He wants peace.

Will Smith is quite popular and with money, he is quite influential. Yet, he has an emotional trauma which is not easily resolved. Yes, he can see a psychiatrist, get the most famous religious people (I hear he is friends with Gaiea who gives lessons) and he is now in India trying to find comfort. Maybe Julia Roberts told him to got Neem Karoli Baba.

So we all have had things which we have immense regret. Wish I had not done that or said that. All we can do now is have regret.

So, what is the solution? This is where the Vedas come up with an enormous roar! And with the roar it says – Wake up from your dream, realize you are the divine, the Atman, You are that, or Aham Brahmasmi. And with that comes an enormous joy and in that joy, you forget this world !. The problems gets solved in a time sorter than it takes for the morning dew to evaporate

There in lies the problem. I have given the solution. Will Smith obviously has good karma. He got money, fame , prestige. Yet so unhappy. And inspite of all that he is not as lucky as a man with little money but who has a Guru!. Indeed a Guru is so rare, for in his company you wake up and all these problems end for ever. Sadly none of those people he has heard off can offer anything. Reading from books do not give experience. Merely repeating to yourself, does not give you that experience.

To find a true Guru, requires a lot of very very good Karma.

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