What I learnt in life

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  1. Good times dont last. Dont be egotistic. Your wrong actions during Good actions WILL HAUNT you later. There is no exception
  2. Bad times dont last. They are there to teach you a lesson. Learn from it. Change yourself. Be humble. Become more comitted to God. Purify yourself. Get rid of ego. Get rid of desires. It is the desire for a certain result that causes the pain
  3. Life is a mixture of good and bad times.
  4. As much as I dont want to believe in Astrology, there seems to be some truth to it
  5. Most people are not interested in God.
  6. Those who pretend to be interested in God, want to fit God into their own imaginary creation. This imaginary creation comes from false understanding of scriptures and listening to false Gurus
  7. Others want something in return for praying to God. That is not love, that is begging.
  8. The false statements you hear have a strong lingering effect. Hence, stick only to the original scriptures and the interpretations given ONLY BY A BRAHMAGYANI.
  9. A brahma gyani does not advertise. He hides.
  10. A brahma gyani is like an Aaya. This is what Ramkrishna said. An aaya , is like a baby sitter. She shows love and affection to the baby but her true heart is with her own child. Similarl a brahma gyani true heart is God not the world
  11. The only books I recommend in the present times are
  12. Muktashastra
  13. Yogamrut
  14. the holy science
  15. Devatma shakti
  16. Saundarya Lahiri
  17. Tantrasaar
  18. Divine Romance
  19. God talks with Arjuna
  20. Gyaneshwari Gita
  21. Mahayoga Vigyan
  22. Only a Guru can truly understand them.
  23. What they wrote is a glimpse of the technique and experiences. There is a lot more to it after that
  24. Having faith means there should be no worry or fear. If there is fear or worry, faith is not fully developed
  25. Any sadness means you have separated from God
  26. Regret is different than Repent
  27. You must meditate daily…at least one two or three Ghadis. Without fail
  28. The luckiest person is he, who gets to do Satsang. with a Brahmagyani The rich are the most unlucky. They never get to appreciate a Brahma gyani
  29. Sanatan Dharma is very cryptic. Very cryptic at many many levels. This makes it very beautiful. Few can ever understand it.
  30. The highest one can get is to have a True Guru and your personal genuine desire to escape
  31. At any cost, discover your true self. Hardships in life are worth it…(provided you are willing to learn from it)
  32. You are the divine, the King the ruler. Why go about begging? Wake up…discover your true self
  33. Yoga is the only way. Yoga darshan by Patanjali gives the method.
  34. What Patanjali wrote is not what you think
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