Is this person a genuine Guru?

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  1. He does not seek any disciples
  2. He has a very limited number of disciples. Some Gurus may have only one disciple. Gangadhartirthji Maharaj -was perfected. He had all Siddhis. He had only one disciple. Gangadhartirtji was 90 years old when he found someone worthy. He did not disclose or reveal any of his powers. At 90 in resent of a worthy disciple,he left his body entered in the body of a dead sparrow, flew away and then came back, left the sparrow and reentered his own body. This display did not hurt anyone…not did it give anyone unfair advantage. He asked forgiveness from Shakti for even displaying this power. Isnt this wonderful?
  3. Many people ask me is there a true Guru out there. The answer is no. I dont think there is one..I should have said NO. For me, though, the criteria for a Guru is very high. Someone who wastes. his time how the world should behave or how to solve the problems is a fool indeed. Like Aurobindo said, dont waste your breath trying to correct anyone. If you are awakened, just correct them in your meditation. Matter solved.
  4. I am weird this way. It is best people dont read my blog. There are many other blogs that deal with worldly matters and can show you the worldly way of things. I am more interested in Yoga and the Yoga method of things. Not the asana or exercise but the meditation aspect
  5. Only those who have no awakening keep looking outside and searching the web. Yet from frequent reading their own mind will play tricks and they believe there is awakening. It is essentially ego wanting to feel important. Thats why experiences were kept a secret. So a magnified ego does not invent experiences

This is must me. I do not mean respect to anyone seeking wisdom from anyone else they have esteem for. It is just not me

I cant emphasize enough, those web page is not meant for everyone or even anyone. Wasting your time on the internet or someone external is an error -if you have awakening

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