April 2022 archive

A fundamental error

Link to Original Document Many people read about Yoga online and read scriptures Of course it is appealing! Who would not find it wonderful? We abandon the misery of the world There is a source of intense joy within us. Why not tap in to it? Your karma are slowly destroyed All questions are answered …

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Kevali – from the scriptures

Link to Original Document [When the breath stops effortlessly, without either rechaka (exhalation) or puraka (inhalation), that is called Kevala Kumbhaka.—Hatha-Yoga Pradipika,11:73. “The aspirant who can perform Kevali Kumbhaka, he only is the true knower of Yoga.”—Gheranda Samhita, V:95. One who is adept in Kevala Kumbhaka, which has no rechaka and puraka, he has nothing …

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Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

Link to Original Document Vanhi vishasya madhye chitta sukhmayam kshipet. Kevalam vayu purna va Samarananda yujyate ॥ ६ ८ ॥ One should throw the blissful mind into the fire (manipura chakra) in the middle of that fibre-like lotus stalk (sushumna) or into that which is only full of air (anahata chakra). Then one is united …

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