Post script to self imposed barriers

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Point 4

  1. People often say great things. Oh I have surrendered to say Neem Karoli baba or Yogananda, or Vivekananda or Ramana ANd they truly believe it. Yet to be quite honest , they don’t realize, that a true full surrender is associated with that great Guru appearing before you !
  2. Or if they can’t see them, then they get a meeting with a person who can communicate with any great Guru. Why they turn their face and look the other way is a mystery

The reason this happens is because

  1. They want to continue their hero worshiping worshiping and miss / forget the original goal is salvation
  2. They have not understood the complexity of the path
  3. They overlook the millions of signs of genuine progress. This is convenient so that way they don’t have to feel the pain that the path has not started Another self defense is oh I have surrendered ! So I will wait for experiences

Thus through a myriad of pseudo logic people remain stuck without even making half a step in the right direction

Dineshuncle tried and tried. Even told people he can give awakening. And give them liberation. Yet no one stuck with him long enough to get benefit. So foolish. I am amazed how foolish and ignorant people are! They passed him by, still looking for a Guru while the Guru was right in front of them

I only wish I had spent more time with him!

Anyway the countless books out there, reading turn discussing them – it is only like a donkey carrying the weight of books That’s how people are and will remain

Lucky are those who go within. They give up books. After all, all the books are a description of that sovereign experience ! Once you have that would you go back to reading a book?

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