Self imposed barriers

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Yesterday I was talking with someone who does translation of spiritual books

And while talking , I learnt a few precious things

  1. Just because they follow, a Liberated person from the past, they may remain just as ignorant
  2. The teaching of a Liberated person is so high, they fully misunderstand what they meant And they attach the high teachings to their own ignorance
  3. They may recite things from the great person, but when someone offers a deeper understanding , they refuse to go on the right path

I know of a story. Someone ( X) was following a great saint , a Liberated saint ( Vivekananda??) Vivekananda was right next to the follower X ( but in subtle form ). Another enlightened person who still had a body tried to help X and Vivekananda arranged the meeting ! But X insisted oh I am going to follow my own interpretation of what Vivekananda said and refused the help ! Strange!

So the great Liberated people arrange such encounters. But so dense are the layers of maya, people reject the help that was arranged by the higher beings!

Whose fault is it?

The true yogi, does not accept disciples easily. Usually they make the disciples wait for years. The full force of shakti is, very different

The best description of it is given in Gyaneshwari Gita. Having said that, even a slight frequent communication with an awakened person gives immense benefit ! I wrote about it in the past in 2007

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