Hanuman Jayanti

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Yes, I used the word Jayanti and did not call it Hanumans birthday or Hanuman Janmdivas

Whats app and all the users have made a name for themselves. The excel in ignorance, ego and spreading lies. They are kings or queens in Gossip. I feel sad for those desperate people. There is more to life than getting immersed in the dirt of Whats app

My words were harsh. Yes, I use Whats app too. Many people on whats app are spreading a new wave of calling it Hanuman Janmadivas (birthday) rather than calling it Jayanti


It is Hanuman Jayanti. We can really never know about the Birth of Hanuman. (today is Hanuman Jayanti).

Hanuman father was Kesari. He is supposed to be the wind. His mother was Anjani. (a monkey). If you believe this literally, there is something wrong with you. I mean seriously wrong. The entire Hindu philosophy was based on Allegory. They depict God with 4 hands, 8 hands and Shakti that drinks blood and etc. There is much more to this than taking it literally.

Based on this, to say that Hanuman has a birthday is foolish.

So our great great Saints, called it Hanuman Jayanti. This is their way of acknowledging that Hanuman is not a physical being. Secondly they used the word Jayanti which means victorious. Which refers to following him, you can be victorious

Perhaps we should have talked with Neem Karoli Baba. He is an incarnation of Hanuman .

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