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There are many was this has been discussed, evaluated and dissected. Both by atheists, agnostics and spiritual people

So who am I to discuss this?

Well, everyone has their own opinion. And guess what their opinion changes based on their state of life. During happy times it is one thing and sad times it is something else and when we see others suffering it can be different

Atheists – It does not matter. They wonder what caused the big bang. As far as human existence, it is merely evolution, from primordial matter.

Agnostics- They merely dont know if there is a God or reason and dont think a reason can be found

Spiritual or religious people – They create the biggest chaos by giving their own self interpreted reasons. Oh what a show and drama they have created. Absolute nonsense and when they think they have explained it adequately, my challenge is try to answer it when there is death or tragic circumstances.

So in situations like this, I resort to great people like Vivekananda, Ramkrishna, Gyaneshwar maharaj, Yagnavalkya, Vasistha maharaj etc

For them, there is no debate. No discussion. While many people will say life is to enjoy, others will it is live a good life and pure life while those on the path will say, it is to discover your higher self.

Vivekananda said,- its all wrong. You were never hear to be tormented by Maya, but to realize you are greater than Maya. You are not the soul, bouncing around in the wind like a leaf. But you are the Master, Master of situations and Master over Maya.

He did not say it in those words, but I have extrapolated his meaning. Forgive me for this transgression.

So, now you have it in a nutshell. Those who went past Maya, like Neem karoli baba, can truly show that they are beyond Maya. But that truth is not just meant for him, it is meant for everyone, equally. Will you make that effort?

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