The lessons of life

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The world was created by God but

Maya played a big role. Maya or Satan is a liar. It promises happiness but never gives it. REMEMBER THAT !

So with that in mind , don’t get too attached to this world.

Don’t crave or seek another goal post or achievement This will never have a final goal

The shifting goal is part of maya illusion

Constant hardship in life is to be expected and dealt with a cheerful disposition

No one is happy in this world ( except a perfect individual. However they have their own problems – look at like elf Rama). Don’t look at neighbors lawn and think it is greener. They have their own hardships. If not now, it is right round the corner. You may never know it or see it

The happiness you get Will not last! Don’t get egoistic

The hard times Will not last. It has an end date too Don’t despair

You were born to pay your dues, make payment of your karma. No one can help you. Don’t look to others for sympathy.

Your real goal is to discover your higher self Find a Guru. Work hard. Day and night. Find the truth. You are the divine. Don’t remain a beggar under the influence of maya Or Satan. Wake up. The world was not intended to be a nightmare but a place where you can realize your higher self

God bless

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