About shakti awakening

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The highest achievement in life is awakening of shakti

It is precious and extremely rare. I really mean extremely rare.

This awakening is a decisive step in ending this endless cycle of life and death. The Guru who has this power does not expose this power. The corollary is that , people like me who write blogs are not at Guru level. This is true for everyone who has it exposed via internet, social media, news, TV, radio etc

A Guru does not awaken this shakti readily. He may have the disciple wait for a year or decades or even a few births. He is not interested in giving this awakening to anyone for the asking. If the disciple is truly ready, truly has trust and faith, he will endure patiently, all the trials a Guru throws at him. This awakening is the highest of high. Higher than all Gods put together. Do you really think that this awakening is given so readily? So much purity is needed! The disciple must have many characteristics – The ability to help those who hurt you ! Love to all equally. Surrender to Guru! Ready to be his slave !

In time, the eagerly awaiting disciple realizes, his Guru was much higher than he ever imagined. He has regret that he never surrendered to His Guru. He argued with him, debated him, saw faults in Guru when there were none, Why? The awakened shakti, gives something unique, more so than all that is written and will be written !

How high must the person be that is given this responsibility! So flawless! So high! So pure! So loving

I should end here. A Guru is everything. At some point, my prayer to shakti! Please grant this world such a great Guru ! The world is lost please bless us !

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