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Mauna means silence. What the scriptures call as silence is silence of the mind.

Like I wrote before – mauna can be

  1. Not talking – of vani speech
  2. Of the indriya – preventing the senses of roaming. This means giving to sex, food etc
  3. Silence of the mind

There is another higher mauna , described by Vasistha Maharaj in Yoga Vasistha Maharamayana This is the highest. This secret was taught to Ram by Vasistha Maharaj. This is at a very High level , it occurs after you go through the layer of talking with …

Just imagine – true mauna. Silencing the mind. Not a thought in the mind.

Imaginary talking with your Guru or God May not be very helpful. Why ? Because Those conversations are from an active mind, and often times are with an imagined concept of God or Guru. The inspiration from those pseudo talks are often the product of a very active imagination If you follow that you will be betrayed

So try the true mauna. Stopping all thoughts without falling into stupor / sleep That is what Ramana maharshi talked about. That mauna is very powerful and can make changes in this world

I write this so people can understand the limitations of what they do and seek something deeper, higher and not stay at the level of ignorance

But alas!

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