Mauna – continuation

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I finally found substantiation of what I said in previous blog – from Ramana maharshi also

The most valuable thing in the ocean lies on its floor. The pearl is so small a thing, yet so valuable and so difficult to procure. Similarly, the Self is like the pearl: to find it you must dive deep down into the silence, deeper and ever deeper, until it is reached.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Referring to mauna, Sri Bhagavan* said,* ‘Silence is of four kinds: silence of speech, silence of the eye, silence of the ear, and silence of the mind. Only the last is pure silence and is the most important.” ~ An excerpt from Sri Ramana Reminiscences, p. 62, by Gurram Subbaramayya

Learn how to be without thought! It is worth the journey

To be without thought means also to be without emotional conflict

To be without thought means – all three bodies , even the subtle body, causal body do not think !

People have not Even started the journey but talk as if they are masters!

Proudly tell others they practice mauna

Well, remember the story of a donkey with all the books on its back !

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