On inflation etc

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Agreed – the common people suffer a lot

It has already happened in USA.

People in my Office think twice to go from one place to another

The rich are never affected

The middle class is dying. Getting squeezed

The life of those living below poverty level is unimaginable

My heart bleeds for them

While the rich become richer by Leaps and bounds

That’s why the Bible says

It is easier for the camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich person to go to Heaven

What good is the money that cannot help others

We are all at the age where we struggle

Do we have enough money to retire?

We can’t rely on government or children to support us

That’s why different religions have given a formula – donate a certain percentage of money to charity

Those parts of religions – don’t deal with is there a God

But something that is Practical for life and something that most can agree , it is good to donate and help others

There are two kinds of people

Those who donate to go to heaven ( almost like a bribe)

And those who donate to help others not even caring about heaven or help !

Those who donate because their hearts are moved by the pain of others

I find the second kind have purer hearts

People move out for a variety of reasons

A country that decides cricket players and Olympic teams based on remain to politicians – what is to be said about that?

How can they even begin to respect intellectual brilliance and retain them?

A country that runs on bribery and underground currency how can they keep a person who wants to have an honest living

A country that has hoarded black money , how can that government generate jobs when the money is sitting in Swiss banks

Live in harmony

Live in peace

Live with love

The world evolves

Oh men of darkness

Open thy eyes

Taste the nectar

Of caring for others

Immortality is

Living in hearts of others

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