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If you keep your mind with God, you will be Free……..

When desires come,be guided by wisdom, not by whim or stubbornness. If you can control your senses and keep your mind with God, you will be free. But if, on the last day when the time comes to go to the Heavenly Father, the angles say, “Do you like strawberry shortcake ?”and you answer, “Oh, yum, yum !”they will tell you, “Then you have to go back to America.” Or they may ask, “Do you like curry ?”Yes Lord!”. “Then go back to India.You can’t stay with the Father because your earthly desires are not finished.”
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
Journey To Self-realization.P.256.

Getting rid of desires is not so easy. They are buried deep in the mind. Which mind. Not the mind that You use in the body. But the mind deep deep in the causal body It is called causal or karana. Because it causes the body to emerge. The desires are buried deep in there

It first causes the subtle body and then gross body.

This is why I have repeatedly said, for most people yoga has not started. I have no desire to hear about the foolish imaginary meditation that people talk about. It is a definite science. All these steps have to be reversed.

3 greats have to be aligned do soul can be seen. Then soul has to say only shiv. Then in a fraction of a second journey is over. Or true journey has started.

So Yama niyama are steps for physical body. Pratyahar for subtle body , causal body prana control for all bodies. Samadhi is above soul level

If one gear is not aligned the engine won’t move. The Guru instantly knows if the person has a gear misaligned. He knows if the person wants to correct it. If there is no interest or you want to delay it by a few years, he won’t give awakening. If the interest is genuine Then he gives them true awakening which works with the disciple to correct the misaligned gear

Fix your engine. Your the mechanic open the manual. The scriptures. Then you are given the gift of power tools Guru and his shakti. Which you use to fix your engine

Then enjoy the ride of going within. The journey

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