January 24, 2006

Entry for January 24, 2006


A common misunderstanding and misconception is the presence of the lotuses or chakras in the human body.

The lotuses and chakras do exist. They exist in the subtle body. The soul has 3 bodies. The gross physical, the subtle or sukshma body and the causal or Karana body.

There are seven chakras. They exist in the subtle body but there is a corresponding part in the gross physical body. The lower 5 charkas are different seats where the subtle body is bound to the gross physical body. They chakras also correspond to different places where the consciousness is bound to the physical world.

The chakras face downwards. As one progressively has a greater awakening of the consciousness, the awakened shakti opens the chakra and turns it upright.

The order of opening the chakras varies according to ones method and depends on ones Guru also. It is my belief that if one follows the method of Knowledge, Agna chakra opens first. In Bhakti yoga, it is the Hridaya chakra. In the tantric method, it is usually from the Muladhar.

No matter what method you follow, they all require one essential thing – awakening of the Shakti

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