I want to be spiritual and make progress

It seems wonderful. Many try. Most fail
And why is that? Many reasons

  1. Of course if you don’t have a true Guru you will not progress. Nothing real will happen The mind is very artistic and easily creates an illusion of a divine experience but it was not real. It was your mind playing tricks on you
  2. Even if you have a Guru and you do not follow his instructions properly you will not progress
  3. Even if you have a Guru and you follow his instructions , he will test you. The test can be harsh. Remember the story of Harishchandra ? He had to watch his son die, his wife sold to slavery and work in the lowest job even though he was king. The test Lasted a year At present there is no worthy disciple who can endure this level of testing. But if the disciple passes through these tests – he will not know it was A test. Then the Guru will give something
  4. All great Guru will test disciple before giving any real awakening. Minor Gurus give indiscriminately but the results are not lasting. Those who pass through this test and are given awakening they get liberated very quickly. The experiences are of the highest level.
  5. So let’s say you fail the test. True Guru are very kind. They will keep testing you every few years. You have to be vigilant. Continue to do right. Not having anger. No hatred to your enemies. Forgiving. Loving. Love for your Guru. Love for all great Gurus. No ego that you have a Guru. No ego that you had a few experiences
  6. Other reasons of failure are – wanting to read and understand but not trying for a deep experience. Information is worthless. The other day I was talking with someone and I said all vedas, shastras, Upanishad fall in the category of ignorance! Which is true. There is no experience of self or God there. All those who tried without a Guru have imaginary experience. ( more about Ramana maharshi, Anandmayi ma, Buddha later)
  7. Not having true desire for liberation Most people fall in this category. They pursue meditation for fame, information of texts, an escape from the world responsibilities, to become a Guru, become wealthy, pursue women, etc. those who have true interest do not become famous , or become famous after they depart. But never before.

More later but I can’t offer much I said what I could.
If you cling to your imaginary experience then there is no hope of progress. Someone on the path can immediately know if it was genuine or not.

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