A comment I made on what’s app about Sanskrit.

A little background
It might be folklore but one thing is certain – it is very difficult for anyone to comprehend
Judaism – they claim that their book – Torah was created before the universe was created
Samskrt – is considered to be the language of Deva and called devavani. It has been said that Shree Lalitha the divine mother who created the entire universe and also playfully created brahma, Vishnu, mahesh, first created the letters of Samskrt. One of her forms is Mahasaraswati – and as such samskrt is her creation

Sam – is reference to shree lalitha and krt created by

So true samskrt – was created before the universe was created

3-5 thousand years ago ( historians are grossly inaccurate) one of the Avatars appeared on earth with the name Panini. He created the rules of the letters of the samskrt The book is known as Ashta adhyayai or 8 chapters ( more about why 8 chapters and why the name adhyayi later) He made one statement which stands out – He who knows samskrt knows God !!

Sadly, the scholars of the world failed to grasp the subtle meaning . True samskrt was created By Lalitha ( her mantra known as shodashi – is a peculiar arrangement of samskrt letters) and as such when you transcend all creation and you reach shree Lalitha you have reached samskrt

That is why – samskrt is a divine language , language of Gods, and has all the power of mantra ( more later)

After Panini organized the spoken language of Samskrt ( not the true divine language which is prior to creation) various books appeared following his rules of Grammer on samskrut. Now one can call it sanskrut or Sanskrit as changed by western culture One of most beautiful book that followed the rules of Panini was Ramayan – created by Valmiki

I am not sure what is written about this in the internet or in the video. There are many scholars who go through volumes of books and guide us. There are “ Gurus” out there with claim of authority- but often times misguided by an imaginary understanding

My words and understanding should be looked upon as word of amusement, the disorderly words created by someone intoxicated ! I ask forgiveness from everyone if I have trampled upon the authority of the very wise people , including the internet (those who know it all)

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