Writing blogs

I have not been writing much
What is the point ? No one truly gets the concept

People continue in their ways. They try and perhaps make significant effort to go forward. But Their efforts are in vain – because they don’t want to change in their ways of thinking or give up the selfish thinking. It is like saying I want to make progress but their feet – are super glued to the floor. The intrinsic pattern of the selfish and desire seeking mind does not want to change Ego does not want to give itself up

Secondly in my opinion I wrote a lot. Very very basic and trivial things. To me it is basic and should be obvious.

The true joy a yogi has is in mediation. And millions of different ways God presents himself in mediation. Muktashastra, Yogamrut, Gyaneshwari Gita, Mahayoga vigyan are true books with in depth descriptions.

The journey itself is wondrous. How can anyone describe the joy of going through the Royal road of Brahmanadi ?
Every step is amazing.

Brahmanadi – it is not easy to open. A Guru can open it. But it closes quickly when we become selfish It opens in mediation. The first sign it is open is both nostrils open up. Then the fun begins.

Experiences without Brahmanadi open are not necessarily a full true experience. They are helpful but don’t forget true progress is going through the Brahmanadi Nadi.

By force I can’t reveal more on blogs. After all it is just a blog

My interest lies in that Royal road. Rest of the things I have written are trivial. A preparation of sort So if you find a Guru , you can be ready

I don’t see a single Guru out there who can talk about or open the Brahmanadi. There is no Yoga , no mediation, no samadhi, no karma yoga or gyan yoga or Bhakti yoga without the opening of Brahmanadi and going within

Sad is plight of the person that is satisfied with everything else they do. Go within involves opening of Brahma nadi. Sushumna. Once it is open, you will know love for God. You will know God is reality.

If you notice I don’t write much about Brahmanadi or what is to be expected when it opens You don’t need that information. You need to experience it.
Plus those things are too be heard from a Guru. Rest of the world Tends to abuse Yoga by giving false promises and collecting money

My days with my Guru was in simplicity. Hardly eating. Relinquishing sleep. Very simple living. No cot. Simple mattress Never about money. Inadequate bathroom. No shower. A simple bucket. Cold water. Your choice. Do you really want God? Or is your convenience more important ?

Few could benefit. Many went there. But those who had it right – left as kings of the universe !

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