Is my surrender complete?

This has to be with all your mind, all your emotions, not a shred of ego, with all your heart, no logic and no selfish interest that if I surrender God will take care of your wishes or needs. The surrender should be such – I don’t care if I am deprived of everything in life, I will give up all for thou God.

Seems foolish and impossible to do. For most – God is nothing more than a concept. Perhaps even a thought hammered down in your mind by reading books, hearing lectures and talks, and by people around you

There in lies the dilemma – we read wonderful things about God and then the mind challenges the concept of God and asks why do I suffer or why is there so much suffering in this world? The wise , all knowing , intelligent person will give a pat answer – karma. Yeah right! You want me to believe in past births? Seems more a matter of convenience or a well knit concept to help the weak mind who has a need of believing in God and how wonderful he is !

And then the mind constantly wants something in this world. Something fun. Without which , it breaks down. It looks forward in life – the hope or thought of nice things to come. Using that, the mind is willing to bear the current hardship of life

Enough said. Do you see the challenges the mind has in surrendering to God ? It is not an easy task.

What does this all boil down to?

1). Surrendering is an art. The word surrender is incomplete. Pranidhan is the best word. Described by Patanjali in Yoga darshan. It takes time
2) The mind is tricky. It’s desires and ego will make it difficult
3) IsGod a concept or real? Real for those who have a true Guru and if you have surrendered to him. In what way is it real? For such a very lucky disciple – he is more real than the table in front of you or the words you read or more task than the body v you feel. It then becomes easier to surrender. Easier but still will take decades after decades
4) Even if you don’t have a Guru, God confirms his existence in many small ways You will be amazed. If only you know how to evaluate your own life and events. Sometimes talking with a wise person helps. He can help you break the rut we get in
5) Calculative surrender has no role. Meaning, I will surrender so I can get wondrous things in life does not work. That is not surrender -just a business transaction

Anyway, what is the end result ? Here is it is in the words of Mother

Sweet Mother, what is meant by “the Divine gives Himself”?
It means exactly this: that the more you give yourself the more you have the experience — it is not just a feeling or impression or sensation, it is a total experience — that the more you give yourself to the Divine the more He is with you, totally, constantly, at every minute, in all your thoughts, all your needs, and that there’s no aspiration which does not receive an immediate answer; and you have the sense of a complete, constant intimacy, of a total nearness. It is as though you carried… as though the Divine were all the time with you; you walk and He walks with you, you sleep and He sleeps with you, you eat and He eats with you, you think and He thinks with you, you love and He is the love you have. But for this one must give himself entirely, totally, exclusively, reserve nothing, keep nothing for himself and not keep back anything, not disperse anything also: the least little thing in your being which is not given to the Divine is a waste; it is the wasting of your joy, something that lessens your happiness by that much, and all that you don’t give to the Divine is as though you were holding it in the way of the possibility of the Divine’s giving Himself to you. You don’t feel Him close to yourself, constantly with you, because you don’t belong to Him, because you belong to hundreds of other things and people; in your thought, your action, your feelings, impulses… there are millions of things which you do not give Him, and that is why you don’t feel Him always with you, because all these things are so many screens and walls between Him and you. But if you give Him everything, if you keep back nothing, He will be constantly and totally with you in all that you do, in all that you think, all that you feel, always, at each moment. But for this you must give yourself absolutely, keep back nothing; each little thing that you hold back is a stone you put down to build up a wall between the Divine and yourself. And then later you complain: “Oh, I don’t feel Him!” What would be surprising is that you could feel Him.
The Mother, Questions and Answers 1955, CWM volume 7, page 243.

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