A miracle

Don’t expect this all the time

If miracles occurred to us all the time , we would lose its importance

But miracles do occur every second to the siddha and enlightened. But we can’t see them

Once in a while Shakti reveals those miracles to us

Here is a story of Yogananda

“I remember at the time of our first World Convocation, held at the Mother Center in 1950, Master was having a particular difficulty with his legs. He was not even able to stand or walk without the most extreme pain, so it was arranged that he would be driven in a car down to the tennis court where the gathering was to be held. We were all praying, and worrying, “How will he ever be able to get up onto the platform to give his talk?”

As the car drove up and stopped, those of us who knew the difficulties his body was going through at that time were holding our breath anxiously. The door opened and Master stepped out of the car—and we all gasped in unison, because it really seemed that Master did not walk but floated, his feet barely touching the ground, as he made his way up the ramp to the podium. He stood there for two hours and spoke to the people; and then he greeted everyone who had come—staying for many, many hours after his talk.

Afterward, when he returned to his rooms, he said to us all: “This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. See how Divine Mother shows you the unreality of life and its alternating contrasts! On one side, you see how this body suffered; on this other side you see I am completely aloof. “I am held in the arms of Divine Mother; and I don’t know this body or its suffering at all.”

— Sri Mrinalini Mata
Excerpt from Manifesting Divine Consciousness in Daily Life Pg 34

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