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Failure to change

Social reform. Spiritual reform An abundance of spiritual and religious books. Yet almost no one changes Why? Most religions preach kindness. Love. Tolerance. Love for God. Accepting Gods will. Not to retaliate. Forgiveness And they are perfect! Hinduism and Sanatan dharma. Goes a few steps further and states you must give up desires or food, …

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Yoga sutra chapter 2 verse 19

The translation by Vivekananda is The states of the qualities are the defined, the undefined, the indicated only, and the signless.    visheshavisheshalinggamatralinggani gunnaparvani The web link is http://oaks.nvg.org/yoga-sutras.html Veda Vyas has explained it i great detail. However the translation of what Veda Vyas wrote and typed by a variety of translators has been weak …

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I feel sad for them!

I feel sad and sorry for the politicians. This is true for the rich also All their life they work hard, some get it without hard work. And make lots of money But the money was not given for personal pleasure or to imprison Laxmi ( Vishnu wife) in your bank account It was given …

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