October 2020 archive

I feel sad for them!

I feel sad and sorry for the politicians. This is true for the rich also All their life they work hard, some get it without hard work. And make lots of money But the money was not given for personal pleasure or to imprison Laxmi ( Vishnu wife) in your bank account It was given …

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The lokas – confusing terminology?

In the holy science, Sri Yukteshwar maharaj gives the 7 lokas Satlok – the creator / God / self Tapolok- this refers to Lalitha. This has nothing to do with tapa or penance Janlok- sons of Gods Maharlok- Maya Swarlok – maha shunya great void Bhuvar lok – shunya or void Bhuvarlok – the all …

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Thought itself is karma. Whether you act on it or not , it is karma The effect of thought related karma is significant in hindering meditation What kind of thoughts create the biggest obstacle in meditation? Not having love for everyone on Earth. Wish everyone well. No exception. The other is anguish and hurt feelings. …

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