Why is it so complicated?

It is not

These are the thoughts of a Yogi A funny pun. Think about it !

  1. Silence the mind, emotions and logic. No ego. That is the bare minimum as a starting point
  2. I can’t silence the mind. Of course you can’t. You never practiced it. Your habit is to think, analyze, react. Pretend to yourself that you are a witness. But there is a witness to the thought you are a witness. Everything that you do requires thought. You do mantra mind is active. You try to meditate and you are having an internal dialogue with your self and somewhat imagined God. You never tried to silence mind
  3. I have written the secret. People miss it.
    4). Reading books – trying to understand mind is still very active. Focus on silencing the mind

We have been constantly told and encouraged to read. Even if you try to stop it / and go within – you can’t. Your mind will protest. And you will say there is no sweetness in silencing the mind you find sweetness in intellectual understanding

And that means you are not ready for a Guru

If only you knew!

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