I finally found and understood salvation

I studied history. And finally I got to put things together. Maybe i should guide the rest of the world and maybe even be a super Guru.

So this is what i realized. It came to be suddenly, while driving. I realized it in a second. Maybe even less time. And there was a lot of light. I had pulled my sunglasses off and took the car shade off. The sun was so hot at that time too !

Anyway joking apart, this is what I learnt. It is about Gautam Buddha. Ready? I just cant wait to share this and would love to hear your opinion

So, Buddha was born a prince. He married and had a son named Rahul. And after he saw the world ( old age, disease, death, ….) he got up in the middle of the night and left. He disappeared from home. Stayed in forrest. Thats when he achieved Nirvana. He taught this to other people. Eventually they also achieved Nirvana. His wife saw his point too and she got Nirvana too. King Ashok, took a while but finally left home and spread the word of Nirvana

The western civilization, finally understood nirvana partly, a 4000 or 5000 years later.

So do you want to know what was nirvana? Now mind you, this is just my take. Nirvana was leaving his wife !. Being alone. He finally realized peace instantly. And after having that for 10 years decided to teach others. His wife even realized that being alone was peace. King Ashok left home (hint wife) and found Nirvana too

The western civilization learnt about it too. Unfortunately, they chose to call it Divorce and Nirvana. Since they did not use the right words, they could not preach it to others and could not use the word peace!

Oh well, this is just a joke.
You cant live life being serious all the time, can you?
No, I did not have a fight with my wife.
But I was driving alone. Google maps, apple maps and waze were all off. And wife was not there either. Is that super nirvana?

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