Don’t lover in an illusion!

We like to think we are making progress! In some ways we are. But in many ways we are stuck. We repeat the same senseless mistakes.

Let’s say you think you are mediating. But instead of making progress we make the error of thinking how to make progress or imagining progress or making a dialogue with an imagination and they do that all their life

Or you say your want to make progress you think you have Awakening. But instead you spend time searching the web for things written by other imaginary Guru

The first sign of true Awakening is you no longer turn to anyone or find a find a need to ask anyone for spiritual answers. You no longer look at web pages ! They are worthless! If your guru awakened Shakti, which is the role of a Guru, you have the ability to talk with the Creator of all Gods! What more do you need? Oh fool, go within

Instead we tend you waste time finding web pages and reading things. Looking for information. Why not find a Guru and have him introduce you to Shakti. Give Shakti to you?

Do you finally see your errors? But the Guru is not a fool. Those Gurus often hide. They will test your loyalty. They are not ordinary. In very simple tests we fall.

Many times I have seen very keen people interested in spirituality and they fail simple tests from the Guru.

Anyway , most of our actions and thinking is not spiritual. Even when we think we are doing something spiritual! Be careful and align yourself to God

This is what Aurobindo and mother said

What are these insignificant parts of our being?
Almost all of them.
    There are very few things which are not insignificant; all your ordinary reactions, ordinary thoughts, sensations, actions, movements, — all this is very insignificant. It is only at times, when there is a flash of the higher consciousness through the psychic, an opening into something else, a contact with the psychic being (which may last for a second), at that moment, it is not insignificant. Otherwise, all the rest is repeated in millions and millions of copies. Your way of seeing, acting, all your reactions, thoughts, feelings, all that is ordinary. And you believe you are extraordinary, particularly when you are seized by extraordinary sensations and feelings, those that you consider extraordinary — you believe you are lifted higher, nearing something superhuman; but you are quite mistaken. It is nothing but an ordinary state, deplorably ordinary. You must enter deeper, try to see within yourself if you want to find something which is not insignificant.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1953, CWM volume 5, page 1.

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