Thought itself is karma. Whether you act on it or not , it is karma

The effect of thought related karma is significant in hindering meditation

What kind of thoughts create the biggest obstacle in meditation? Not having love for everyone on Earth. Wish everyone well. No exception.

The other is anguish and hurt feelings. Don’t be offended by others. Very difficult to implement. But it is a must. Regardless of the action of others.

These steps are essential to making any spiritual progress.

Why? Do I not have the right to my feelings when simple hurts me? The answer is it is ultimately God responsibility to take care of us. Our responsibility is to make connecti to God and not worry about his responsibility. That is where we were

This seems simple enough to understand. But truth is one has to I very very deep in mediation to understand why this is needed.

There is no compromise in the need for purity. The mirror must be spotless!

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