The lokas – confusing terminology?

In the holy science, Sri Yukteshwar maharaj gives the 7 lokas

  • Satlok – the creator / God / self
  • Tapolok- this refers to Lalitha. This has nothing to do with tapa or penance
  • Janlok- sons of Gods
  • Maharlok- Maya
  • Swarlok – maha shunya great void
  • Bhuvar lok – shunya or void
  • Bhuvarlok – the all too familiar world!

This is from the holy science. So most of the time when people think of the void or shunya they only think of an extremely inferior place bhuvarlok

Since human ego wants you to believe that you And the people ego you trust have substantial achievement, you may easily accept the Buddhism shunya as a high achievement or nirvana. Neither will the human ego let you fathom great void as anything different from void

I hope you see the limitations and issues with understanding.

I have been very cryptic about this things so it stimulates the true seeker to ask the question to their Guru or find a Guru

However your past negative karma will make even that step very challenging!

Humility to a Guru is a must

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