I feel sad for them!

I feel sad and sorry for the politicians. This is true for the rich also

All their life they work hard, some get it without hard work. And make lots of money

But the money was not given for personal pleasure or to imprison Laxmi ( Vishnu wife) in your bank account

It was given to help others. You get the most reward by helping those who truly need it.

Instead when not used wisely it creates a negative impact with reverberations from all the people who suffer and are poor. The consequences are thousands of years of poverty and oppression.

Is it really worth it?

For The politicians it is even worse. They had a wonderful opportunity to help others. Instead they chose to focus on personal gain and selfish help to those who will re elect them.

The law of Karma is vicious and unrelenting. You cannot escape from it. Plus it is exact. Precise.

Right now you have an interesting postulate about karma. A smart yogi, learns these secrets and knowing those secrets they burn their karma in the fire of self knowledge.

That is a karma you. People think the childish thought process of doing things without desire is karma yoga. But that can’t happen till you know reality. Otherwise you will do karma with ego of doing karma yoga, or with the desire of becoming free or becoming a karma yogi

True karma yoga was told by babaji. And yogananda talked about it in Gita. It is kriya yog or kevali or mediation

Be wary of what you do! It will haunt you for a very long time

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