Yoga sutra chapter 2 verse 19

The translation by Vivekananda is

The states of the qualities are the defined, the undefined, the indicated only, and the signless.
   visheshavisheshalinggamatralinggani gunnaparvani

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Veda Vyas has explained it i great detail. However the translation of what Veda Vyas wrote and typed by a variety of translators has been weak

This is not their fault. Veda Vyas is a Yogi. He is still there. Yoga sutras are about Yoga

Since true Yogis are exceedingly rare, the translation is bound to be weak or inaccurate.

For example Veda Vyas gives the example of Devadatta becomes poor. Because he loses his cattle. There is no change in Devadatta as such.

This of course is a description of Yoga. But the linguistics and logical mind can only think in material terms and hence lose the true Yogic significance

I have explained it in greater detail elsewhere

Guna paravani is differentiated in to four aspects

Alinga – mahat

Since there are 3 gunas you get 12 principles from 4

These are tattwas in the subtle body and in causal

Veda Vyas describes it as 16 – and his description is focused on the differentiated Guna arising from 5 Maha bhota plus the mind

Sri Yuktrshwar has described it well in Holy Science.

What is the purpose of knowing this? I only want God. But these are different steps to silencing the mind.
Otherwise the mind will always get excited by the sight of food, opposite gender, being insulted etc

Yesterday, I had a little incident. Someone translated a Sanskrit phase incorrectly. I merely said my translation is different. And wrote my version of that one word
The group administrator took offense. He immediately said this is not a group for discussion. In other words asked me to shut up

I left the group. Amazing how ego plays!

If children keep playing in the play ground, a parent let’s them play and the father goes about his business. He has many children to look after!

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