Failure to change

Social reform.
Spiritual reform
An abundance of spiritual and religious books.
Yet almost no one changes


Most religions preach kindness. Love. Tolerance. Love for God. Accepting Gods will. Not to retaliate. Forgiveness

And they are perfect!

Hinduism and Sanatan dharma. Goes a few steps further and states you must give up desires or food, sex, finance, ego.

People can’t do it merely based on movies.

So Hinduism, Buddhism, etc preach about Guru

And then it became a marketable business! Read a few books. Preach. Make money
The true role of a Guru lost.

Books by itself and motivational talks can’t really change the mind

Why? The roots are very deep. It is not in the realm of superficial thinking. They exist deeper than the physical body or subtle body.

Now you realize you need a Guru who can separate your subtle body from physical body and then you can make Progress.

Thinking of it intellectual will not help. Experience is needed.

Now you know why my blogs seem complicated and worthless to anyone who has not started progress. But in turn form the very essence of progress to God

It is very difficult to comprehend. Very easy to experience.

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