Theory of Karma

Many people have written on this. Both Yogananda and Vivekananda have talked about it in length

And a million other books are out there on karma and sadly, these books are all wrong

What is to be done?

People use theory of Karma to justify pain and sometimes happiness in their life. It helps minimally.

They use theory of Karma to do horrific acts and think they are a karma yogi. Many people call others as a karma yogi. And applaud them when they do good deeds. That is not a karma yogi. Action does not define goodness. Intent defines goodness. Again more than intent, following things with guidance is the best. I have read about great Saints who did “bad acts” but never had any negative karma. Such people appear every few centuries

In short i have just negated most of the stuff people applaud.

I am sure every person reading this has a confident knowledge about it. Oh I must have done something bad that’s why I suffer

I personally dislike theory of Karma. So good because it is the right thing to do. Not because you want good to Happen to you

Secondly, best karma is when no further accumulates. Although this is very secret , it is quite open also. It is mediation. But true mediation.

There are clues to true mediation. Even those who have a Guru fail to do it well. Why? It is not that simple. Even though it may seem simple

Third there is a deeper karma which helps you destroy many of your past karma. However , from what I have read this ultimate secret weapon has been hinted at but hardly anyone knows the full secret.
Kabir, Mirabai,Akho, bharati reva, Etc were masters in it.
If there is anything one should learn is what they learnt and did. ! Of course that is my personal opinion.

In our ego that we know karma , we are not able to find the true secrets My friends, give up ego. Be patient at a true Gurus feet. A few decades later or a few births later you may suddenly realize the truth. At least that is my belief. I can surely let you know when I do know it. :)

My blogs are somewhat vague. This is by design. There are many intelligent people out there. I am not here to ruffle their ego based information or illusionary information. I only like those who want to shatter their ego.

Ego is a terrible thing. People don’t realize it but in every sentence they loudly proclaim their vanity and ego. So my prayers to you is enjoy your knowledge. Let me be in peace. Not hearing from anyone or talking. You go about your path and I will remain in hiding in peace

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