Can you have experience without Yoga?

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But I am so smart. God is beyond your intellectual grasp

But I read great books. Look above

I do mantra and prayer. You are still in the physical world. God is beyond the physical senses

I do yoga. So does a crane. Or crocodile. Neither see God. What you think is yoga it s not what Patanjali said. It is not what Gita says. You may think so. And believe so. And find a million billion people who agree with you. But ask yourself – if it was perfect and correct do you know with certainty that you recurred l experienced Samadhi?

Obviously not. In Samadhi all doubts and questions are gone. If you have any question left , you have more to travel it is that simple

More about Yoga Darshan later.

Something incredible about Jagadguru Shankaracharya

Perhaps in next blog

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