The slow intellect

A slow intellect – I mean this spirituality slow intellect. Where people are unable to grasp things

Why does this happen ?

It is not their fault. It is a game of blind people.

Allow me to explain.

The Mahatmas talk about kriya yoga. Or pranayama. Or divine light. Or divine sound. They actually experience it. Ordinary people can’t. They are blind in a way. Their spiritual eyes are not open. Instead of seeking a true Guru or learning – their ego and vanity takes the support of an imaginative mind and maya and lets the imaginative mind create a false concept of pranayam and kriya yoga and peace and light etc.

Now they are at Ease. They can go about their routine business. Preach to others. Feel blessed. Glorified. Happy. Be proud.

And This is what I call a slow intellect. They got duped! Sad isn’t it?

Many times have I written about true pranayam or kriya yoga. And what do I hear? Stories of great achievement while they remain in the clutches of Maya. Their ego simply became a nidus

The great Saints come to tell us again and again about how we were misled. But ego is such a funny creature. It will not let you believe you have not Started. End result? Enjoying the world of illusion and no step taken to reality.

The great Saints try to correct us – but done they refer to a dimension we have not Reached. It is like two aliens talking with the inferior alien not understanding a word!

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