On Becoming a Guru

Today is a fine sunny morning! Beautiful weather predicted.
And you think, I have read a lot. I even have a few spiritual experiences. I know a lot

And you contemplate. Suddenly you think aah I should share my knowledge. Write a book, blog. Now I am ready and entitled to be a Guru !!!! 😁

Isn’t it that wonderful! Now I can make money, hold important conferences, charge fees , have TV time, many reporters will want interviews, thousands of people will seek advice on many things!

Fantastic! My life is a success

Just one question – where is God in this equation?

Idiots. Fools. Stupid.

That is the path of all fake Gurus

Now what is the path of a true Guru

He finds a true Guru. Meditates in solitude. For years. His Guru orders him to be a Guru. He refuses. Many other enlightened immortal beings will tell him to be Guru. Shakti herself tells him to be a Guru. He still refuses. Then circumstances happen. A true disciple comes from nowhere. Now, moved with compassion he guides the true disciple. With a warning never to reveal this ultimate secret. But in time the word goes out to a few people.
As soon as many people find out he leaves. Often times at will. In a second. Just drops the body.
His only interest was God or knowing that there never was any difference. He laughs. Waves after waves of love. Joy. In those waves – what can he do?

I can’t reveal more. Such Gurus are very rare. May appear every 100 – 200 years or so. We can’t offer them anything. They will only help a few who are Perfectly ready

Rest of the world will be satisfied with the fakes. But not a true disciple. A true disciple intuitively knows this is perfection and settles at the feet of the perfect one

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