Impressive fake Gurus

Why do people get impressed with fake Gurus ?

Several reasons

  1. The seeker is not truly interested in God. So he will get impressed by logic
  2. Ok what about the miracles? Do you think hydroxychlooroquine worked for covid -19 ? No. Yes millions of people squire by it! Placebo effect.
    3). Our own thoughts empower the feeling that the fake Guru is a true one A true Guru will break your thoughts process he is great and want you to realize his greatness from your efforts of mediation and inner consciousness. He wants your inner conscious to be pure and then you will know his greatness. He is not interested in your praises. He is interested in your progress.
    4). Our past bad karma leads us to the fake Gurus. In our past lives many of us have erred. In many cases people hindered the true Guru. Even hated their purity because we were bent on our set wrong thoughts. I see this occurring even now. Shakti will then say – fine. Follow your dark path. Now they have set themselves for a downward spiral. So sad
  3. The time for moksha is not right
    6). Elsewhere I mentioned the types of soul. All soul are equal. But types are based on whether they are ready to go within
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