There is a way to respect Saints

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I am currently in India. As soon as I landed, I headed to Mundarda. Where my Gurudev lives. I had incredible Darshan And took many satisfying video and photos. Then I went to Ambaji. I have a close connection to this place. I very much enjoyed the visit there.

The next day I went to Chikhli. It happened accidentally but it was a glorious moment to visit the Samadhi of Kalidas Pundit. Truly one of the greatest person who took samadhi in 1890’s. I have written about him elsewhere

My next two stops were disappointing. Trimbakeshwar – a Jyotirling near Nashik. There was a long line, the gatekeepers ( dwarpaal) were rude. It did not bother me but sad for them. The Darshan is done through a mirror – a new method which started after Covid. I would have liked to sit there for longer.

The next day we went to Shirdi where Sai baba lived. What I observed was disrespect to the principles and the way Sai baba lived. Sai baba was the power of love. He was harassed by the local authority many times. However with love and patience he conquered them all ! His life was simplicity. He was not attracted to praise or gold

Sadly, I saw a lot of Gold surrounding his idol. I am sure such behavior would not speak to him. And this is what I mean by respecting a saint. Respecting a saint or Jesus or Neem Karoli baba – it is done by having a genuine heart

  1. Simplicity. That says it all. If there is glitter they run away.
  2. Purity in heart. What I mean is being attracted to them for their love And the simplicity of their life. Not one thought of material things
  3. Loving them and being there to just be at their feet. Nothing more
  4. Reciting the proper surrender mantra

If there is one person in the audience like that , they appear And bless all those who are there, their wishes fulfilled.

That is the proper way to get their attention And love Not gold or praise or glitter or shouting names or raising hands or jumping or playing tapes or doing arti

That’s why some places are empty now. Sad indeed.

One other curious thing

  1. The mind keeps thinking it is happy And comment when outside circumstances are good
  2. It keeps thinking woe to me when things are bad
  3. It worries when outside is unfavorable

The only correct status of the mind is humbly remaining turned towards God , without thought of outside circumstances or thought that it is surrendered

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