The mind and the senses

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We hear many great statements. Such as

Be content / satisfied.

Don’t get greedy.

If you make a 100,000 dollars don’t crave a million And so on

Save thing in food. We eat something lovely And then want more. Our tummy is full but we still want to eat

We may think we are immune to this but that is very unlikely. We display this greed in many ways. Sometimes it is by not being able to let go of “junk” in the house. This we consider valuable

So why is this thing so universal? ( trust me everyone has it)

The vedas discovered the secret thousands of years ago. They simply said all the windows in the house open outward!

Meaning – the mind and the senses are always looking outward. There is nothing in the outside that can appease the mind or senses !

The mind And senses need the inner love of God. It is the only thing that will satisfy it. But the mind keeps looking outside ! It like am thirsty person who wants water but keeps eating food ! ( this is a pun) or a person who has a lot potassium and we give him sodium it simply won’t work

The mind is stupid. It cannot turn within

When it wants to turn within it does not know how to turn within. It thinks dancing singing And praising God is the way. Or makes up an imaginary God thinks about the imaginary God and says I am pure or now I have turned inward. Or it thinks visiting temple is the way or churches. Or listening to sermon. They are all outside. Unlikely to help you

Or when it learns the secret technique it still does not learn it easily

When it learns it , the old habits of going outward crop up again repeatedly

In short, learn to go within. That is the only place where the mind and the senses will find satisfaction, peace and no longer crave the world. A journey worth taking

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