What does it mean when you get initiation

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Some people often tell me they have had initiation. I dont know what that means.

Initiation is something specific. It gives you the ability to go within. But there is more. Many claim they have been initiated. I know of someone who said he or she was initiated by Yogananda lineage. But right now, there is no one who can initiate in that lineage. There hasn’t been anyone for 50 years.

There are two things

  1. An accomplished lineage. The lineage can always be traced back to Shankar bhagwan
  2. Someone from the lineage has to be still there. Most of the lineages, when they are made public no longer has someone who can give initiation. Babaji lineage, Vishnutirthji lineage, Dattatreya lineage, etc. Although the lineage is alive, there is no one in public who can give the initiation.

Honestly, after Nityananda Maharaj from Maharashtra, there was no one who could give initiation. Muktananda did give initiation, but he had some more miles to walk.

I know, this may offend some. But the point is to realize that the road is long. Some of those who have to walk further, can give awakening but you will find when you observe their life, that there were issues. Swami Rama had some issues too. Both Muktananda and Swami Rama were great, no doubt. I respect them, love them.

Why do I say such things? I dont know. But the expectations from my Guru was very very high. He emphasized so much , that he would say, when we mentioned about some liberated people, he would say there is more. And it could mean that i did not understand what he said.

Anyway, such is the road. Such is the path. For those who want to know more about me, there is some information on this page. https://drbhavindave.blog/author/drbhavindave/

Hope this helps.

But I am not worth knowing about. Know yourself, go within.

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