We live in a dream

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I make this statement at multiple levels. We can start with the easiest and lowest level. When we are ready we can begin to fathom the deeper level. But at that deeper level, rare people like Shankaracharya Maharaj stay there

So, lets say you are graduating from Law School. And as you are graduating, you have these crowded thoughts of grandiosity and dreams of being like Perry Mason…or some other real life phenomenal attorney. And rolling in wealth. Soon enough as you start looking for a job your dreams are shattered

Or lets say you see someone wonderful. Terrific looks and oh what a wow time dating. You marry the person and soon figure out besides the looks, the person is very superficial, has no substance and unable to contain their vices.

Or you see a nice movie and you idolize the hero or heroine, but the truth of the matter is – that person was. merely acting and their real life personality is intolerable. They have serious anxiety issues and are egotistic and obnoxious

And people go life to life…repeatedly clinging to their version of what life will be or how the people we meet are etc. In this way we lived more in our own factious world rather than seeing how things really are.

Gradually, in time we get disillusioned and learn that it is not our dream that works but it is Gods will. Again and again, the soul falls and finally it gives up imagining things. Merely observes, making effort not to fall prey to the lies our mind tells us

Now in order to go ahead in our spiritual journey, we have to go within. Going within, first we must learn to find something within. Unfortunately, the mind that so artistically created outside lies (of future and wonderful spouse) also creates lies about making spiritual progress. You read that in mediation you hear music. And people will lie to themselves and others that they hear the music. And when you cling to those lies, how can you hear the real music? You are not ready or worthy

So, a guru is someone who awakens something within you so your journey is easier. They take this very seriously. It is not given randomly and often time people have to wait for months or years before a Guru will give such awakening. Why? this awakening is very precious. Divine. Not easily given. All the money of Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos together, cannot compare to the awakening within. They can give every penny up and still a Guru is unmoved and unwilling to give any awakening.

That is the kind of Guru you should seek. Sometimes, people read my blog, and want an awakening. I am not a Guru. My apologies. This Guru business is dangerous and precious. No one should want to be a Guru either. No one should want to teach or propagate. Having said that, you may wonder why do I write these things. In many ways, I write in protest of the current Gurus who have made business out of this, have nothing to give, and become millionaires or more. When you follow them, and follow them blindly, there are consequences. Dire consequences. For future lives.

I have no problems meeting anyone. I met someone who wanted to go on the spiritual path in Denmark. I say things correct them but instead of seeing the wisdom, blinded by their own perception (the wrong dreams we create), they are not able to see the impact and help they got

It would be nice to find someone sincere. Often times I go meet my classmates at gatherings (I am going to London in September to meet some of them), but I find no one having a true spiritual interest. Oh well !

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