How strange

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In one of the group chat someone posted this

Very interesting.

Now note this 🌟

I was in iskcon Houston TX usa few years back and pujari asks me what I do.

So I told him heart surgery bypass operation heart valve surgery etc. He says we are going against Krishna… Pujari says Krishna wanted the patient to suffer and we doctors are reversing Krishna actions. So I told him newborn child with heart hole did not do bad karma so pujari says that Krishna is punishing the parents or maybe child previous birth karma. Basically heart surgeon is preventing the punishment by Krishna. πŸ’₯So I did namaste and jumped in my car and pushed off.

My reply

How strange!

My views – not intending to offend anyone

  1. God / krishna is love. To say Krishna wants to punish seems strange
  2. Karma is dharma or eternal law. You will face consequences of action. Krishna has no active role in it. ( remember in the war, he did not take sides, promised he won’t lift a single weapon)
  3. To speculate what someone did and go in that debate is a fantasy story we tell ourselves.
  4. Since the world is a play of the machinery of karma – our goal is to be witness – stith Pragna observe but not speculate judge or condemn anyone
  5. Go within and immerse in the immense joy within you – rather than look outward to the world
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