Hero worshipping!

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This is a big flaw that everyone has. When you think about it – it is a shame and disgrace. The news media, what’s app etc uses it to manipulate us. The advertising media uses it too

A few examples

  1. A person not washing hands after shaking hands with a celebrity or president
  2. The advertisement of Pepsi with a famous celebrity ( or anything else)
  3. What’s app is particularly vicious. People put in a quote with Vivekananda or Buddha. Now mind you they never said it. But it is misleading people want to sell their agenda with devious things like. Usually a bunch of cowards with no substance do that
  4. While talking , they will name drop Einstein or another famous person
  5. People quote a famous politician / even a living one – as if they recite the gospel
  6. A journalist will ask the presidential candidate how will you the global warming crises. You moron – there are world famous scientists working on it! This is a case of too much power in the hands of politicians in making agendas and decisions about a subject they know nothing of

My friends – being famous is not a criteria for validity of truth.

This is especially true in matters of religion. People go to someone famous. Popular. Because they are popular, they are given by default all signs of being liberated. Stories are made up. These stories are then converted to acceptance by the listener and the listener is trapped in his or her own acceptance of the trap. They are unable to escape and believe the lies , when they try to escape they feel guilty, scared.

In many ways , this is the foundation of cults most religious leaders form a cult of followers.

There are a few who read my blog. It is too many. What I write is the truth but it is not meant for you. It is meant for the extremely rare soul who knows the difficulty of winning over the challenges of the mind Trying to reach the perfect state of peace where there is joy, our own mind absorbed into divinity and no longer tainted by worldly attributes

But who really wants it? It is easier to enjoy the world. Laugh, travel, eat, etc

One of the first steps that you are on the way, you quickly see through religious leaders and their deception

You are only happy with words that have the ring of truth. You simply know it.

When you make more progress, things that are beautiful are no longer beautiful. It is a lie. The other day I was at a wedding. I saw many people dressed up very nicely. But my mind no longer reacts to beauty. Behind the veil of so called beauty, I saw ugly personalities – greedy, self serving arrogant people ! There are many people like this. Life after life that is all they do. No change, like the antiquated furniture in the living room

It is rare to find someone truly interested in the world greatest battle – the victory over your own emotions This battle is called Mahabharat!

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