The flawless mirror

One of Yogananda disciple called Yogananda the flawless mirror. There is a book on it by her

What did she mean by it? A Guru reflects our inner consciousness and immediately has the ability to reveal it. Things we do not understand ourselves and things we would not readily accept

If we have a tendency to anger and resentment, we may read books and pretend to be tolerant and wonderful like Buddha but the Guru sees through it and can point it out !

There are many many things about ourselves we do not know but the Guru knows That’s why Kabir said if only you look into yourself, you will find that you are the greatest sinner. You will be appalled at how terrible you are. And that is the beginning of change. Dropping our personality. And evolving to purity. Why is it called personality? Persona means mask. ( Aurobindo). What we do is put out a mask Something that is not real Think about it. When you go to work, you say yes sir when you really want to use some colorful adjective. If you are in customer service, you want to scream at the person but can’t. Your family can be irritating but you have to test situations with tender love. You are dating and put up a fake appearance of kindness trying to impress

So what are you really ? Your inner self is quite rotten. Demanding. Intolerant. Breaking down on the inside very quickly. Manipulative. Egotistic. Controlling. Fearful. Looking for gains. Seeking pleasure at all times. Upset when you don’t something nice or fun. Wanting to be adored. Not caring. Selfish

Do you see the 100 Kauravas? Yogananda has described each of them very accurately. Now you may think you are none of those , but that is not true. For someone who is truly on the path you will immediately see your flaws. And wish you change. Those who have not started will only find maybe one or two flaws.

For purity all those flaws have to be worked in. Slowly. It is a Herculean task It takes time. But like the river Ganga does , it can be swept away fairly quickly. I often use puns to give detailed spiritual guidance

So the Guru has gone through those steps and knows your flaws. You can learn a lot from him and make corrections. An impure soul cannot see God. One impure thought and you instantly fall down

But now to the real reason why I wrote this. The flawless mirror reflects exactly what you think and imagine. Let us say there is a Guru right in front of you. He looks quite ordinary. They hide their halo. So he looks very ordinary. And you think that person is ordinary. Guess what , you did not hold on to something wonderful. You lost a great opportunity. The Guru will show something about his greatness But we judge him by human standards and miss an opportunity of lifetimes

There was a wonderful saint. Who always acted like a crazy person. Sometimes laughing. Someone crying. And if you came near him he would throw stones at you. Now that person was a Guru. Tell me would you even go near that person. Why not? Because we have standards which we think are the right way of acting and not the right way. So this Guru was showing, he is beyond society values and appearances. Once in a while someone would go to him and he would throw stones. If you were wise, You would pick up the stone and no behold it was not a stone but actually Gold !

He would laugh and cry showing your inner state of mind at that time. But who would understand that? He was displaying his knowledge of all ! Do you see why we miss opportunities?

Your scale is very primitive You do not know how to appreciate a Guru. You judge him by your social and cultural standards. Many times, pearls are given.

I was once a part of a group on what’s app. My tests are subtle I gave a few pearls. And then left the group when someone told me not to speak or comment on anything he said I was not in the group to Learn something. So after they gave me permission to leave ( they told me not to speak) I left. Those who were left, had a choice, to continue to stay the group or learn elsewhere. Thankfully no one approached me.

The point is spirituality is very subtle. You have to be at a very high level to understand the actions of Saints like the person throwing stones.

They are the flawless mirror. Sometimes you have to use ammonia to Clean it! Or you Will only see the dust and miss the mirror!

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