February 2021 archive

Following a useless leader

Link to Original Document Many people are hero worshippers. They decide who they want to idolize and then continue to do so, until they find another idol. Most often they follow a hero ( swami, Guru, leader, actor, politician, actress, sports person , etc) and base it on achievement and popularity This is all they …

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Live a million lives in one life

Link to Original Document Life is about experiences. I believe that for liberation, one has to go through a million types of experiences. As you finish them off without regressing or getting fixed on any of them you get liberation. There is nothing more that you will desire – provided you are satisfied Now let’s …

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Does God have a shape?

Link to Original Document Strange question and it will offend many people Just think about it. Vast universe. I am sure there is life elsewhere. Do they all look like humans? Soon enough we will find life soon. It may not look like humans. So if they think there is a God, wont they draw …

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